The agency

Who are we ?

At RSB Artists , it is above all passion that drives us: passion for music and for artists. For this reason, since 2006 we have been working alongside opera singers and conductors to advise them on the long-term management of their careers.


Our commitments and our values

Each artist we accompany is a real crush.

Our agency also attaches great importance to the search for young talents who will be tomorrow's main players on the music scene.

For each of them, we envision a long-term relationship centered on mutual respect and fulfillment in the various aspects of their career.

Benevolence and open-mindedness, advice and listening, solidarity and finally a good dose of optimism are our leitmotif.


  • Career: We are committed to accelerating the development of our artists' careers through our network in France and abroad, opening the door to many opportunities for them.

  • Management: We are committed to managing the relationship with employers, from negotiating contracts to managing schedules.

  • Artistic advice: We are committed to providing artistic advice, optimized by the presence of Nicolas Jouve (Artistic Delegate) but also artistic consultants, to make the right choices and enhance the careers of our artists.

  • Support: We are committed to supporting our artists and ensembles through the realization of their personal projects, thanks to the work of Victoire le Bras (Production Manager).

  • Benevolence and listening: We attach great importance to our human relations and we are committed to always showing benevolence, listening and respect in our relations with our artists and our partners.

  • Environment: Responsible citizens of the world, we are committed to paying the greatest attention to environmental aspects in our daily management: to limit printing and exclusively on recyclable and/or recycled media, to always choose the least polluting means of transport for our travels. , recycle our waste...

  • Solidarity: The health crisis has shown that we are all part of the same connected ecosystem and that solidarity between its various actors in times of crisis is essential to preserve it. We are committed to continuing to demonstrate responsibility and mutual aid in times of crisis by actively participating in the collective effort and supporting the most weakened.


Our history

We told you, it is above all the passion that drives us!

It is this passion that prompted Réda Sidi-Boumedine and Christian Lemoine to create the RSB Artists agency in 2006. At that time, the first artists to embark on this crazy adventure were Anne-Céline Barrère and Nicolaï Maslenko who formed the Double Piano duet . The agency then developed rapidly and focused on managing the careers of opera singers and then conductors. Florian Sempey, Edwin Crossley-Mercer, Isabelle Druet, Kévin Amiel and Hélène Carpentier, in particular, began their careers accompanied by RSB Artists.

Our team has grown over the years and now consists of four people: Victoire le Bras (Artist Manager and Production Manager), Nicolas Jouve (Artistic Delegate), Delphine Brebis--Mathias (Production and Administrative Assistant) and Réda Sidi-Boumedine (Artist Manager). Today the passion is intact!