Croustilleux La Fontaine !

Discover offbeat songs based on the crisp texts of Jean de La Fontaine. Performed by Jean-François Novelli, set to music and accompanied by Antoine Sahler and directed by Juliette.

"No wolves, no mice,
Just warm-blooded nuns!
Cicadas and ants ? To the cupboard!
Let's get the vicious ones out of the drawer..."
Do you know La Fontaine ? Not that sure…Come and discover another part of his work !

« The cicada and the ant,
The hare and the tortoise,
The Raven and the Fox, »
Who doesn't know these famous fables? Who doesn't think that the ant isn't very helpful, the crow a little vain and the hare very sure of himself?

His tales are less well known. They are the very ones that Jean de La Fontaine rated so highly in his appreciation of his artistic output and which, it is said, almost cost him his place in the Académie Française in 1684.

The image we have of this author is linked to our childhood memories. We are therefore very surprised when we read his tales. The light-hearted, mischievous, playful tone of the author of our first poetic emotions is certainly there, but the themes are no longer the same.

These are childhood fables that stay with us, but tales that we listen to with our ears glued to the keyhole.

Running time: approx. 1h10 (without intermission)

An RSB Artists / Théâtre d'Ivry Antoine Vitez

This show is supported by ADAMI , SPEDIDAM and SACEM




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