Ma vie de Ténor

"With a text written in the style of Le bourgeois gentilhomme, Jean-François Novelli takes us through the life of a tenor. A whimsical singer with an oversized ego believes -against all odds- in his lucky star. As always with this actor, the text is highly polished and the performance extremely polished. As for the background, a tenor himself, Novelli knows what he's talking about, and it's a delight."
François Delétraz, for Le Figaro magazine.

After « Croustilleux La Fontaine », a show based on the licentious tales of Jean de La Fontaine, set to music by Antoine Sahler and directed by Juliette, Jean-François Novelli presents his new show: Ma vie de ténor (is a novel that interests me a lot).

As in Croustilleux, the aim is to show and hear another side of a major figure in our history. For La Fontaine, the nocturnal part was more for adults, and for Berlioz, the other vector of his thought : writing. Even if Berlioz himself said: "Musical composition is a natural function for me ; writing prose is a job", he was not only the fantastic composer we know, but also an elegant and racy writer.

Jean-François Novelli's staging of this life, as told and sung, will consist not in ridiculing the life and career of a man (the text will do this sufficiently well), but in showing his humanity in all its pathetic but also sublime aspects. The character he portrays, with pianist Romain Vaille, will both make people laugh and move them on stage.

This show will appeal to all audiences who are curious to discover the tenor character and listen to some of the most beautiful and varied arias in his repertoire. This show is also a reflection on art and spectacle, on singing and on the expectations of an audience that is ever more eager for sensationalism, on the relationship between an artist and his art, at his own risk and peril.