Les Chemins qui montent

A stroll through traditional and contemporary Kabyle music accompanied by these admirable virtuoso musicians. The music of guitarist Thomas Keck (present on stage), the poems of Rezki Rabia, the songs of Idir, the Djurdjura sisters, Taos Amrouche and Djamel Allam, served up by the admirable and spellbinding voice of the singer, made the heart of the forest vibrate in unison with those of the audience, who ended up standing to the rousing rhythm of Djamel Allam's "Mara D-Yuɣal".

La Tribune - 07/2023 - Bernard Foray-Roux

These Chemins qui montent* (The Climbing Paths), is both a tribute by Amel Brahim-Djelloul, a Franco-Algerian opera singer to her heartland, Kabyle music, and a meeting between her voice, rich with a thousand influences, and the music of Idir, Taos Amrouche, Djamel Allam, ...

This programme reflects the musical personality of this multi-faceted artist, at ease in the baroque or classical repertoire as well as in traditional Arabo-Andalusian music.

Wishing to pay tribute to the music of her homeland and to the songs of Kabylia that have followed her since childhood, she has surrounded herself with musicians who blend Eastern and Western traditions.

With arrangements by Thomas Keck, she lends her voice to the most beautiful songs by Idir, Djamel Allam, Djurdjura and Taos Amrouche.

Thomas Keck's compositions based on texts by the poet Rezki Rabia also give life to original creations that reflect the full richness of Amazigh culture.

Amel Brahim-Djelloul and her musicians take you on a poetic and musical journey to the summits of Kabylia and “Les Chemins qui montent”* ...


This album is not the fruit of a meeting but of multiple links created first of all between the artists - whether they are poets, instrumentalists or singers - and between Western and Kabyle cultures. In the end, everything is woven around one voice, that of the Franco-Algerian singer Amel Brahim Djelloul who sings the texts of the Kabyle poet Rezki Rabia to music arranged or composed by Thomas Keck.“ - Aliette de Laleu


* The title of the Album "Les Chemins qui montent" refers to Mouloud Feraoun’s third novel published in 1957. Mouloud Feraoun (1913-1962) is one of the great writers of Kabyle origin who, through his writing, was able to describe the tough life in Kabylia at the time.